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Tortilla Soup

I shared this Tortilla Soup on my Instagram Story a few days ago and had SO many requests to share the recipe!! I've made "Tortilla Soup" a million different ways before but usually in the crockpot, and usually with some kind of canned tomatoes. However, it never tasted like the authentic tortilla soup I had during a trip to Dallas years and years ago. So, I set out to make a soup and my rule was: NOTHING CANNED! I wanted to create depth of flavor and not just throw in a bunch of taco seasoning in some chicken broth. I

My Everyday Kitchen Essentials

Calphalon Non- Stick Square Grill Pan (ON SALE!) I love this grill pan for how it cooks meats & veggies, especially those totally professional looking grill marks it gives you. I eat a LOT of grilled chicken so during the week this pan is a real life saver. It's what I use to make my Chimichurri Chicken and how I grill paneer for my Paneer Tikka Wraps. It's easy to clean too, unlike many of those plug in grills! 2. Garlic Press I use a TON of garlic everyday, it's a blessing AND a curse. When I'm on top of my

Mediterranean Lamb Burgers with Feta Tzatziki

I love lamb, but it is the one thing I never really make at home. I think its because for most of my life my mom forbid me from making any kind of red meat in our home, so I never dared (moms can be scary when you don't listen!) lol. Either way, if I'm out at a restaurant and lamb chops are on the menu, you better believe that is what I am going to order! I also love lamb burgers so I wanted to make one that had some mediterranean flair because those flavors are inredibly bright and

Masala Fried Rice

We don't eat a lot of plain rice in my house but I always make a little bit every week just so we can make some quick fried rice as a last minute lunch option! My husband loves all kinds of fried rice so I changed things up a little bit and made this masala pulav for him, and he loved it! I found myself picking at the green beans in here because of their juiciness and crunchiness, so try not to skip that veggie! I used peppers in this recipe but feel free to substitute them or use other