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Spring Fashion Inspo: Fresh & Fun!

I was going to wait until the first day of Spring to post this but I could NOT wait. I start shopping early for my spring/summer dresses because the good ones go FAST! There have been so many dresses I've added to my cart and then when I go back to buy them a few days later- they're SOLD OUT!  Plus I've been seeing all the fashion bloggers from down south and from the west coast- already looking so summery in their outfit posts it gave me some serious inspo!! I also have had a hard time taking outfit inso

Butter Chicken Spaghetti & Meatballs

Does BUTTER CHICKEN SPAGHETTI & MEATBALLS even need an introduction?! The taste of butter chicken- in all its buttery creamy glory- makes for the BEST pasta sauce but that sounds like such an obvious statement, right?! Right. If you're vegetarian or too lazy to make meatballs and love pasta- you can easily just skip the meatballs (which will also save you time)! Under any circumstance- DO NOT  be afraid of the butter in this and please do me a favor and use some good quality butter like my fave, KerryGold (it makes a difference!). Happy Eating :)      

One Pan Enchilada Quinoa

I could not WAIT to share this recipe!! Ive been getting a lot of request for quick easy meals- that would also be good for lunch and so I thought of this enchilada quinoa! I've been wanting to make this for a while but kept thinking there are enough "mexican quinoa" recipes flooding the internet but whatever, I decided to go for it anyway and boy am I glad I did! I am not a huge fan of quinoa but this- I could eat over and over. I mean if you let me put sour cream in something- I'll eat

Pistachio & Kale Pesto Rotini

I seriously have SO much to say about this recipe because it's been the one thing I have seriously been SO excited for in a long time!! I initially set out to make a pesto for a box of edamame spaghetti I recently picked up from Whole Foods. The side of the box had a Kale Pesto recipe and basically served as the inspiration for this pesto. Obviously I made a few of my own changes but what I ended up with- was absolutely  magical. When I threw the kale and garlic into the food processor to pulse first before