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Thai Penang Curry w/ Chicken

Sorry I've kept you guys waiting for this recipe but I wanted to make it a few times and have the chance to perfect it before I posted it! I LOVE thai food but where I live, there is no decent Thai within a 20 mile radius so I don't get to indulge in it as often as I would like. I decided a few months ago to try and make an "at home" version and that was not HALF as easy as it sounds. A lot of the traditional thai recipes involve hard to find ingredients or tools like a mortar

Chicken Kebab Pitas w/ Cucumber Tahini Yogurt

Hey Loves! Hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend! Mine was super relaxing so no complaints here! Todays recipe is going to totally make it in to your weeknight meal routine. To be honest, I've been on a mission to make DELICIOUS but HEALTHY dishes for the past few months now.  Im not on a mission to lose weight or anything but just trying to be more conscious of the ingredients I am fueling my body and mind with. So when I mean healthy, I really mean nutritious. These kebab pitas area especially great because you can add so many different

Step Into Spring

Ladies, it's a VERY SPECIAL day today. Its Tuesday Shoesday! (Woo hoo!)  That's right, today were are stepping into S P R I N G with some of my favorite sandals! It is the perfect time of year to update your shoe wardrobe with bold & colorful styles and leave the drab winter hues behind! And I'm not talking just any old shoes, I'm talking statement shoes. The kind of shoes where you first buy the shoes, then find an outfit to match, because, well.... priorities :) Studs, ankle straps, block heels, the variation in style this season is SO versatile that you can pick and

Grilled Asparagus Salad with Tomatoes, Pine Nuts & Pecorino

By the time I started making this salad, I was finished. No but really, when I set out to make it, I wasn't on a mission to come up with a lighting fast recipe but I aint complainin' that it turned out that way -and I have a feeling you won't mind either! ;-) I love chopping asparagus because its a BAZILLION times easier to eat than when its left whole. This salad has simple ingredients and is perfect for a light lunch/snack, a side to meaty dinner or even as an appetizer for a spring party spread! If you don't