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Tandoori Chicken Quesadillas, Pineapple Salsa

Yes, the last recipe I posted was also "mexican inspired", and yes so is this one. Sorry but I can't help it.  I guess I'm in a bit of a phase. With that said, you guys should know now that I LOVE quesadillas. It's not the first thing I would order if I were out dining, but I will take a home made quesadilla any time of day. My midnight snack is usually a quesadilla with just cheese, onion and jalapenos- the BEST! I tried something a little different with these quesadillas and filled them with the most tender tandoori flavored chicken! I love

Taco Pizza with Cilantro Jalapeño Sauce

It is true that cooking Mexican dishes, is probably what I do best. I grew up eating my mom and my masi's (masi = mom's sister) versions of their favorite mexican restaurant dishes at home and I've been obsessed ever since.  They would whip up everything from chimichangas,  to salsas which always tasted more like chutney (lol!). What they did best though, was take flavors from the original versions and find ways to update them with more flavorful masalas and complimentary ingredients like cumin, cilantro and an assortment of peppers. Of course we always added a ton more spice to these dishes as

Samosa Grilled Cheese

Ok. Let me start by saying that if you have to pick just ONE recipe to make from this little blog of mine, you want it to be this one. The potato filling inside of this sandwich isn't technically the same one I use to stuff samosas, but in my house we still refer to this as the "samosa grilled cheese."  Generally I don't care for potatoes (except buttery cheese loaded mashed potatoes) but I swear I could eat a dozen of these! It's got spicy and sweet chutneys, Amul sliced cheese and I swipe a little mayo on the outside of the

Thirty & Thirsty

To be honest, 30 years go by realllllllyyyy fast. They go by even faster when you are busy becoming a woman. Your twenties are basically jam packed with first loves, heartbreaks, hangovers, job hunting, husband hunting (lol), metabolism changes (the worst) and the list goes on.  Aside from all this mess, whether we realize it or not...we are becoming the most powerful versions of our younger naive selves. Our twenties are also the years we make some of the most rewarding friendships, while walking away from some suffocating ones. Yet the lessons from all these good and bad scenarios are all the same