Talking Hair: Extensions, Hair Loss & More!

I have been experiencing significant hair loss and thinning for the last five years, and let me just say it SUCKS. It is something that not only takes a toll physically, but emotionally it has been an incredible struggle to feel comfortable in my own skin. Growing up I had wildly thick, and untamed hair that most Indian girls are blessed with but somewhere down the road that changed 🙁

As difficult as this is for me to talk about, I know many of you have been dealing with the same struggle and so I felt obligated to share my advice, in hopes it would help you too!

What I’m sharing with you all today is not a hair loss solution, but really just cosmetic methods to help lessen the appearance of thinning hair.

If you have been experiencing hair thinning and loss, it is important to make sure you see a physician or specialist to rule out any underlying conditions that could be causing this. In some cases hair loss can be reversible, depending on your condition, so please make sure you are on top of your health!

In today’s post I’ll be answering the most common questions I get about my hair. Please remember that we are all different and what has worked for me, may not work for you. I’m just sharing my personal experience. I have not been paid to promote ANY of the following brands/items!



Q: What hair products do you use regularly? 

A: I exclusively use Living Proof products because I have noticed a significant improvement in the texture of my hair and a decrease in the amount of split ends I normally get. I’ve been using this line for about 3 years.

Here are the specific Products I use:

Shampoo & Conditioner: Restore

Styling Products: Prime Style Extender (to lock in my style longer), Thickening Mousse (for added volume), Restore Perfecting Spray (to protect), Flex Hair Spray (to hold my curls but keep them soft).

Q: Which hair extensions do you you use?

A: I recently purchased Glam Seamless clip in extensions in the color “natural black” in 16″ length. I feel the longer lengths weigh your hair down and I use extensions for fullness and volume- not length. These extensions are great quality, easy to use and hold style very well. You can wash, dry and style just like your regular hair!

Tips on wearing them:

These hide really well because the seam lays so flat on your head and doesn’t require a bunch of hair (that I don’t have) to cover up the extension! I do NOT tease my hair before I place these in. I simply just make a clean part, glide them on and clip them to my hair. I love wearing the smaller 2-clip wefts closer to my face and higher up above my eye level (to frame my face) and the larger wefts towards the back lower portion of my head to even out the fullness. Ive even double up a few extensions on top of each other for EXTRA volume! BIG HAIR DONT CARE! Oh and neither does FAKE HAIR 🙂

Q: What other products do you use to make your hair look fuller?


A: The most lifesaving product EVER is Toppik. This is a little shaker bottle filled with hair fibers that significantly hides the appearance of  widening parts and receding hair lines. You just sprinkle some on to the areas where you are thinning and it is like MAGIC! I use the dark brown because it matches my hair best!

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  • Hi, sorry to hear about your situation. Have a go with the fountain hair molecule supplement by Deciem.
    It’s done amazing things to my hair loss situation.

  • Just came across your IG profile through the Bucks Happenings page, and am loving it! With regard to this post, I started using Monat hair products in October, and the difference I’ve seen in the texture, softness and thickness of my hair has been incredible! It’s also growing faster than it ever has (I don’t sell it or anything lol just a ringing endorsement from a happy user 😊) You should check them out! Look forward to more posts!

    • Hey! I had someone else also tell me about her results from using Monat, so I am definitely going to look into it! Thank You so much for your advice and for following along 🙂

      • Hello Palak

        My name is Amee Patel. I recently started using Monat and also notice a huge difference. It takes time because it is a natural way for your hair to become healthy again but it really works. I also sell the product. I can send you the link if you are interested.

        Yours truly,
        Amee Patel

  • Hi i also suffer with hair loss and use toppik – everyday! please could you do a post on hor you style your hair from washing it onwards – to putting the extensions in and styling them? Thanks!

  • Hi! Hope you r doing good with pregnancy! Enjoy the pregnancy…after this path is changing…I believe in hair oil n have been using this hair oil that is used in alopecia treatment…I see baby hair growing around my forehead…