About Palak

Hi there! Welcome to this itty bitty corner of my world! A little bit about me – my name is Palak and I have, over the span of many years, fell into a romantic love affair with food. Eating it, reading about it, creating it, and of course TALKING about it. I love to feed people more than I actually like to be in the kitchen but the former is difficult without the latter. Problems, I know.I’m incredibly proud of my culture, and so what you’ll find here are recipes inspired by the delicious flavors of my mom’s home cooking, sometimes with a twist of my own. When I’m not obsessed with food, I’m obsessed with my home, traveling, and just getting the most out of this life that I possibly can as I share it all with you. The name “The Chutney Life” came about as an ode to my mom’s chutney – the universal condiment in my home, my husband’s obsession, and a constant reminder that there is nothing as comforting as mom’s cooking.