About Palak

Helloooo all you wonderful people! Welcome to this itty bitty corner of my world! My name is Palak and I have, over the span of many years, fell into a romantic love affair with food. Eating it, reading about it, creating it, and of course TALKING about it.

I love to feed people, and although doing the dishes 92834928x a day can be exhausting, I feel that the power of a meal, shared by loved ones has an unmatched ability to connect us!  I  am a proud Indian American which means that many of the recipes you’ll find here are inspired by the delicious flavors of my mom’s home cooking, usually with a twist of my own.

The name “The Chutney Life” came about as an ode to my mom’s chutney – the universal condiment in my home, my husband’s obsession, and a constant reminder that there is nothing as comforting as mom’s cooking.