Let me know what you think of this recipe!

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Hi Palak! I just want to start of by saying I love how your recipes have a unique twist and not the traditional Gujarati way ?!!
I have tried making veggie burgers with black beans twice and both times the inside of the patty was mushy ( the mushy texture makes me gag ). Do you know if there is a way to make the texture of a traditional burger?

I didn’t try your recipe yet, so I’m not sure if yours came out that way as well…


Can pre-make the patty and freeze them as well.

Hi Palak, this was a wonderful recipe and I tried it tonight however while on skillet the burgers slightly disintegrated. Any tips to make it better? Thanks again 🙂

Hey Palak! Is the sauce on the burger from the Mexican Street Corn? It looks really yummy in the pic!

Hey just wondering! Do you chop the onion/peppers super tiny or kinda big like 1/2inches ?

Hey I diced them very tiny for this particular recipe!