Let me know what you think of this recipe!

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Dude! I haven’t even made this but it looks so mouthwatering! I am so excited! My only issue in making Chana is my husband complains chick peas are too hard- I will def mash- I also used canned chick peas

Hey Janki! I use Kawan Brand parathas! They can be found at almost any Indian grocery store.


I made this for my family this evening and was a hit! My husband recommended I make it for my MIL to impress her and my son ate 1.5 parathas! Thank you for the recipe and look forward to trying more of your stuff! Xoxo

Am I able to use paav bhaji masala if I don’t have chole masala?

Looks great! Which brand of Garam Masala do you use in your recipes?

Hey! I use one that my MIL gets from India- its specially made. sorry 🙁
Ive been trying to find a good store bought version but haven’t been completely happy with many of the ones I’ve tried.

This looks insanely delicious! Yrying it out tomorrow! Love your blog missy!

I like your recipe and I live in the Caribbean…where can I find
(Badshah Punjabi Chole Masala) or what is it made of.