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FABULOUS recipe palak. I made this and it Turned out absolutely AMAZING. Thanks for sharing !!!

Where do you buy your mince chicken from ?

Hi Palak! What are your thoughts on baking these?

Hi Palak,
Can this be frozen for meal prep? Should I freeze the meat mixture or should I freeze it after cooking and cooling it?

Hi Palak!
Thank you for sharing this recipe…it looks amazing. I was actually looking to make ground chicken at home. Do you think I should make with chicken breast or thigh or little bit of both?

Hey! I think using a little bit of both will give you a nice kebab- not too lean and not too fatty 🙂

Hi chutney life,

When buying ground chicken what is the fat ratio that is ideal?


Hi! Can you use the same marinade for lamb instead of chicken?

Hi Palak , can this be made ahead of time ?

Hey yes it can! I usually make the meat mixture and refrigerate it for 24 hours (tastes even better this way!)

Hi Palak! All of your recipes are amazing. Can the fish seasoning be omitted altogether?


Hi Mali,

Yes it can! I’ve made it before without this and the kebabs have still been good!