The Chutney Life

100 Easy-to-Make Indian-Inspired Recipes

An inspiring Indian-American cookbook from popular social media influencer and home cook, Palak Patel

In her debut cookbook, The Chutney Life, Palak Patel dives into 100 Indian Inspired recipes that will motivate you to get in the kitchen and get cooking! Filled with anecdotes, time saving tips, and a complete run down on what you need stocked in your pantry, this book will leave the most amateur home cook feeling more confident than ever. Patel has long been known for not only her creativity on blending her Indian American upbringing into the recipes she creates, but also her ability to really understand what people need.  So whether you’re hosting a beautiful Sunday brunch or a busy mom trying to get dinner on the table- there are recipes for every occasion! Patel leans into “quality over quantity” when it comes to ingredients so with minimal effort, you’re left with a meal that tastes as if it took hours to make. Time and energy (and lack thereof) also seem to be the biggest hurdles when it comes to cooking, so throughout the recipes you will find Patel’s “pro tips”  on what can be made ahead, ingredients that can be swapped, and of course fun ways you can repurpose leftovers! As you flip through the pages you’ll discover recipes like Gochujang Glazed Sweet Potato Tacos, Mom’s Falafel, Lamb Kheema Stuffed Peppers, Bowties & Matar, and fan favorites like Hangover Spaghetti & Samosa Grilled Cheese. By embracing the magic that happens when flavors transcend continents and cultures, The Chutney Life finds the perfect balance in Indian-American cooking.


You can pre-order Palak’s cookbook from any of these fine retailers below. Pre-orders made via Porchlight will be eligible to be entered into a drawing to win a  Vitamix Blender and a 5-piece set of Le Crueset cookware. Pre-orders made through Newtown Book Shop will receive personally signed copies by Palak Patel (Open to US Residents only).


Polbano Nachos
Lamb Kheema

About Palak

Palak Patel is an author and the founder of popular lifestyle brand and blog The Chutney Life, where she shares recipes influenced by her Indian heritage, her life as a mom of two boys, and all the other things that bring her joy! For media inquires or press opportunities, please click the button below.