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Which store in USA can I get Poblano peppers for sure?

How do you make the chicken? Don’t see it in the recipe but see it as an option to make before under the comments.

How long does the sauce stay good for? I made it last night and would like to use it to make another batch of enchiladas later this week.

It came out really good. This sauce is amazing. There are so many ingredients, however do not skip any but okay to substitut. It all ties together. due to dietary restrictions, I substituted with corn tortilla and gluten free all purpose flour. I also used light sour cream. Also used better than bouillon vegetable base instead of chicken stock. My son loved it too. I made 3 flour enchiladas and 6 corn enchiladas. I still have about cup of filling left and about 2 cups of sauce leftover.

If I don’t have vegetable broth or any type of broth, what can be used instead?

Do you have any tips on how to meal prep this?

Hey! The chicken can be made a head of time and so can the poblano sauce! You can keep it separately. Enchiladas would have to be actually rolled the day you eat it so they don’t get soggy. OR to make it low carb you can skip the tortilla and have only the chicken and the poblano sauce. Both the chicken and the sauce can both be frozen!

Living in India we don’t get these poblano peppers- any other suggestions on how to replace them?

Hi! Just wondering how many servings this recipe cooks for?