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I added half lemon at the end (bc its extremely hot for my girl) and it comes out amazing.
Thanks for the recipe

Thank you for your ideas.
This can easily be made gluten free by using spiraled Zucchini

I made this – I grounded Baby spinach, coriander & mint. I skipped the ginger-garlic. And followed rest of the recipe. It was yum! My daughter said “delicious! Can you make this for school lunch?”

I love your recipes! How long would sauces like the one used in this recipe and other ones you have like your ‘crack sauce’ stay good in the freezer? I was thinking of prepping a large quantity of these sauces and storing it as ice cubes in the freezer to save time for whenever I’d like to use it. Do you think this would be possible, or would it not stay good in the freezer?
Thank you!