A Guide to Shopping Online for Desi Wear

Hello Ladies!! Today we are talking FASHION! Not just any kind of fashion of course, but INDIAN FASHION- and more importantly- how to buy it online!!

Shopping for desi clothes online can be daunting for many reasons- so I totally feel you that it can be a gamble but after many years of doing it- I feel like I’ve become pretty darn good at it.  Therefore, today I wanted to share my experience with you guys, give you my tips, and answer a lot of the questions I get about the process so see the Q & A below!

If you scroll all the way down- I’ve included some pictures of outfits I’ve purchased and worn  from a few of these sites! 🙂

What sites have you had a good experience with shopping for desi clothes?

There are a TON of websites to order desi wear from but I’m only listing the ones I have consistently had a great experience with. These sites have always delivered when it comes to quality, fit and customer service. They do vary greatly in their price ranges so you can definitely find something in your budget from this list!

Kalki Fashion

G3 Fashion

Pernias Pop Up Shop

Aza Fashions

Anita Dongre

Bisou NYC

What is a good price range for desi fashion? Do these sites ever have sales?

Indian clothes can be a couple of hundred dollars or couple of thousand dollars- there is no right or wrong price. If I am spending upwards of $500 on an outfit- I ask myself if I really love it and how often I will actually wear it. If I’m buying a lengha- I look at how versatile each of the pieces in the ensemble will be! If the dupatta, blouse, skirt can all be mixed and matched with what’s already in my closet- it’s a win! You always want to get the most bang for your buck! I also won’t spend much on “trending” outfits unless it really speaks to my personal style- I rather invest in more timeless pieces in silhouettes that I am confident will flatter me. 

It’s also a great idea to make purchases around Indian holidays. Most of these sites have discounts and sales during Diwali, Rakshah Bandan, Eid etc. They also usually have a “sale” section or a “ready to ship” section where you can get a great deal!

How do I know what size to order? How do you provide your measurements? 

ALL of these websites give you the option of ordering pieces with custom measurements. Most of them will provide you with a form/diagram directly on their site or you can email them and ask for a measurement form.  All you will need is some measuring tape (the soft kind for body measurements) and use their custom form to provide your measurements.

 You can also choose from a drop down menu and choose standard sizing like small medium large. I do think this can be a bit of a gamble so I suggest  providing your specific measurements for the best fit! If you’re ordering from Kalki, read my post on it HERE where I explain sizing and ordering and the standard size I usually choose for myself.

How do you know if the fabric will be nice or if the photo pictured is an accurate depiction of the outfit? Can I trust these sites?

The sites I listed above have always delivered quality pieces that look exactly like the photo! If you have any questions or want to see more pictures of a piece, email them or ask if you can contact them on Whats App! 

In particular, I think G3 Fashions has outstanding customer service and they’ll actually face time you if you want to see pieces in more detail! It’s easy to schedule a facetime appointment with them and they speak great english!

How long does shipping take?

I have found G3 fashions and Kalki to be the quickest in turn around time because many of their pieces are not custom made. The rest of the sites usually are made to order (unless otherwise noted) and take anywhere from 4-8 weeks. The shipping time for each outfit is usually listed in the description and can vary greatly so ff you’re in a time crunch- email them for a more definite and reliable time frame.


My Outfits from Kalki (links to each outfit listed below):





My Outfits from Aza:

Pink Anarkali is by designer Astha Narang (no longer available on the site)

Yellow Anarkalis are both by designer Anushree Reddy (no longer available on the site)

My Outfits From G3 Fashions:

(these were purchased over whatsapp and don’t have links to these)


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  • For G3, do you recommend their video conferencing or do you have a whatsapp number to contact? A lot of their stuff looks like it could be nice but I would definitely want to see it more close up, and apparently they do have that option. Thank you so much for this list!