Baby Registries can be VERY overwhelming- even for someone like me who has TONS of advice from my awesome mommy followers, friends & family. Everything I am sharing in this post today has come highly recommended from hundreds of women who messaged me, texted me, and even emailed me their VERY detailed excel spread sheets (#momgoals!!).

Few things to keep in mind when reading this post:

  1. Most of these items come down to personal preference and really- baby’s preference- so there will always be a degree of unpredictability. Even after thorough research- and having bought the baby bottle that 99% of babies loved- your baby might be that 1% that hates it. You figure it out as you go along.
  2. I haven’t included these items in my post today but things like formula, bottles, and diapers can be very baby specific- not a bad idea to buy a few different types and have them on hand (keep in the box and keep the receipt). This cuts down on having to do any extra research or running around those first few weeks when you have enough on your plate.
  3. What I’ve included in this post is obviously not everything on my registry- so in Part Two I’ll share more on diapering/clothing/feeding/breastfeeding and the things I’m keeping on hand to prepare for post partum care! I’ll also be sharing a break down of what’s in my breastfeeding cart!
  4. We chose not to share our baby registry with friends & family and asked instead for donations to various charities. I did however make myself a private registry on Amazon & Buy Buy Baby to stay organized and take advantage of the perks.

Tips on researching baby stuff:

  1. I talked to all my mom friends- and got their advice. Each mom is so different in their parenting style, product choice etc- but it was nice for me to see the differences and make a choice that I felt was best for me.
  2. Join facebook mom groups!! I joined some local ones (just use the search bar and enter “your town name” + “moms”) and it was nice to just pop in once in a while and see what everyone was talking about. Its a great place to post and ask questions and get advice!
  3. Lucies List has also been a great resource and I like that they give recommendations at many different price points! Other unbiased reviews can be found on MommyHood101.
  4. Sleep Safety & Car Safety are HUGE HUGE HUGE! Just because its on the shelf- does NOT mean it’s safe. Sleep Safety guidelines can be found on American Academy of Pediatrics. & Safe To Sleep. Car Seat safety is also crucial- and I referenced NHTSA for installation guidelines! You should also have your car seat inspected once you’ve installed it. Your hospital, fire department and/or police station should offer this. You can also use this NHTSA search tool to find a certified inspector in your area. 

Tips on Baby Registries:

  1. Place “big ticket” items you know friends & family probably wont buy you on the registry anyway so you can take advantage of the completion discounts that many registries offer. It will also allow you to keep track of items easier and make returns easier. Also don’t forget that the registry is for YOU- not just for guests to buy you things. Make sure you put the everyday things like wash cloths, bath products and even diapers on it! You will not regret it !
  2. Returns– Keep your boxes & receipts, especially for items like rockers and swings that your baby might end up hating. Even if you don’t return it- a lot of baby stuff gets gently used and you can re-sell it or donate it! The boxes and receipts will come in handy -plus most places won’t take returns without the original box. Also a separate folder or place to keep all the manuals and use guides that come with items will keep you organized!
  3. Choosing gender neutral- We tried to choose items with baby number two in mind – I’m all for getting the most bang for my buck! This was especially important for our stroller- we wanted it to convert to a double!
  4. Add gift cards to your registry- these will come in handy for  the items you might need 6-8 months down the road like a high chair! This way you can still get the completion discount for everything else you’ll want right away and use the gift cards as needed.
  5. Schedule an appointment with a registry specialist if you are doing one “in store” so they can give you the rundown. A better idea however is to take an experienced mommy with you and if you want to take it one step further- make it a double date with another set of parents!! We did this and not only was it fun- but it’s a great way for your spouse to be involved and get advice from another dad 🙂

My Registry:


#1 The Snoo from Happiest Baby: The baby bassinet that magically rocks your baby to sleep with the soothing addition of white noise, has a hefty price tag but SO many parents have called it “life changing” and even equated it to having a night nurse! They have a 30 day trial period and recently launched a daily rental program. Also check out their Sleep Pea Swaddle

#2 Dock A Tot: This trendy baby lounger is ALL OVER the internet for a good reason. It’s a great place for you to plop baby down during the day! Even though people told me they used this for co sleeping- please know the Dock a Tot is meant to be used under supervision- FYI and is not rated for overnight sleep. Purchase it from their website HERE and get a free 30 day trial of ClassPass + free shipping AND use codechutney10for 10% off Otherwise add it to your registry on Buy Buy Baby! I’ve even seen one on the shelf at Home Goods!!

#3 Lille Baby All Seasons Carrier: I did a poll on my instagram @thechutneylife and this Lille carrier was a favorite OVER the ergo baby AND baby born! It is breathable for baby, has a newborn insert, wider space for their hips/legs and provides incredible support to mom’s back! It was also rated number one out of 19 different carriers tested on MommyHood101. It’s also available HERE at Target.

#4 Miracle Swaddle Blanket: A desperate mom who tried every swaddle in the market said this was the only one that worked for her baby- and I can see why! It makes the swaddling process much easier with its pocket for the babies legs, and velcro backing to keep baby snug! Another one worth checking out is the Ollie Swaddle!

#5 Trend Lab Baby Diaper Caddy: I made two of these caddies- one to keep in my bedroom and one to keep on the first floor (and of course move around as needed). Keep it stocked with wipes, diaper cream, burp cloths, and any other little things for baby you need to keep handy! I also got advice to keep some things for mommy in here too- like lip balm, nipple cream and hair ties! Also- Trend Lab is a certified Woman Owned Business!!

#6 Uppa Baby Vista Stroller: This stroller was a favorite of many moms! Moms loved it for the smooth ride- and extra large storage space. If you plan on having kids close together- it can easily be converted to a double! Uppa Baby is also known for its great customer service! Nordstrom will price match other retailers and I hear they will even accept coupons from Buy Buy Baby or price match for you (good idea if you want extra points or have a Nordstrom card). You can also use your BBB 15% registry completion discount towards this! I purchased mine from Luxey Little Ones in Newtown, PA – they have annual events with Uppa Baby to tune up wheels on the stroller or address any specific issues you might have (larger department stores do not offer this)! Check out their adorable boutique in Newtown, PA or West Chester, PA if you’re local to me 🙂

#7 Baby Shusher I know there are a ton of apps that can be used for white noise and soothing sounds but we’re trying to keep the cell phone far away from baby and this came highly recommended by many moms! There have been some concerns raised about placing this too close to baby and it affecting their hearing so the advice has been to keep it at a significant distance.

#8 Skip Hop Portable Diaper Changing pad– Perfect for when you need to change the baby but don’t want to lug your entire diaper bag into a public bathroom- or if you need to change the baby in the back of the car etc- moms loved this convenient changing pad.

#9 FridaBaby- Snot Sucker– this brand and this product is a cult favorite for a very good reason!

#10 Burt’s Bees Organic Wash Cloths– Perfectly soft for baby’s sensitive skin!

#11 Hatch Baby Scale Chose this for our sanity since the first few weeks weight needs to be tracked. We’re not fans of too many “smart” devices so after those first few weeks- we’ll remove the batteries and use it without the app/features. Another runner up and crowd favorite is the Keekaroo!

#12 Love Every Playmat“play products designed by child development experts and distilled to their simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what children need at each stage.”  I’ve read a lot on infant play and development so this brand really stands out to me. Check it out to learn more!

#13 Blooming Bath Lotus– Ive already put this in the wash and it held up! Love that it’s soft and cushiony- especially as a first time parent who is nervous to wash a tiny little baby! I’ll upgrade to a different bath tub as the baby grows but at the moment- husband and I are most comfortable with this.

#14 Ubbi Diaper Pail– My friend has two of these in her home and is a huge fan. They don’t require special trash bags- hold lots of diapers- and keeps the stank smells to a minimum. What else can you ask for?

#15 The Milk Snob Infant Car Seat Cover– there are a TON of these on the market and you can click the link to see just how versatile they are (can be used as a nursing cover too).

#16 Graco Pack n Play– ALL my mommy friends told me this was a lifesaver to have on the fist floor so you’re not running up and down every time you need to change the baby (if you live in a two story)! I like that it has a changing table, place for baby to nap, and the bottom can serve as storage for anything extra. They’re also easy to travel with! There are a ton of brands- I like that this had a bouncer included since that’s something we didn’t purchase separately.

#17 Little Unicorn Burp Cloths- Apparently not all burp cloths are created equal. These are large and shaped well to keep on your shoulder without falling off- but most important they are VERY absorbent so baby vomit wont just be sliding off and landing on the floor. You can find them Here at Buy Buy Baby.

#18 Oilo Baby Cuddle blanket– Since I’m having a February baby – blankets are a must. I love how soft and cozy this is!

#19 Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Rinser Bath Cup– The perfect gentle pour for newborns- and I have friend’s whose toddlers love this as well! Comes with a a suite of products like this Spout Cover & Kneeling Pad.

#20 Little Martin’s Nail Trimmer File– I mentioned this in my “What’s in my Hospital Bag” post as well but mentioning it here again! I have friends who keep this near their breastfeeding cart or in a diaper caddy- so while baby is knocked out- they can file their nails-it’s much less scarier than using infant nail clippers on this tiny hands!