Today I’m sharing some of my favorite vacation things with you! Last weekend hubs and I took a little vacation to the BAHAMAS! Pinank has been super busy with work so we didn’t have too many days to getaway for an extravagant babymoon so we thought a short trip to the Bahamas would be great!

I was too busy relaxing to post details on my outfits but there were so many great preggo friendly buys- that I wanted to make sure I shared with you ladies before it was all sold out!!

I’ve linked everything below-Hope you ladies find this helpful! Please comment on this post should you have any specific questions!




#1 Maternity Swim Suit from MotherHood Maternity – This was so comfortable and stretchy! Im wearing an XS!

#2 Jimmy Choo Sunglasses- Ok I know these are a bit of a splurge BUT they’re very unqiue and totally add a dose of glam to any outfit! The side trim comes in quite a few options like matte finish or a little bit of bling – which is surprisingly what I chose!

#3 This Kimono isn’t really sold as “beachwear” but it worked perfectly on top of my swim suit!! Light weight material to throw on top and not be hot in – especially if youre babymooning on a beach! PLUS you can still use it year round on top of jeans a tank if you wanted!

#4 This Tularosa cover up is final sale but so glad I got it! Its great quality and a lot heavier than I thought (in a good way) for those who want to be a little more modest and covered on vacay- this is great- because its not see through at all either!

#5 LOVE THIS MAXI! It is so so comfortable i bought it in ALL three colors. It comes in coral and the yellow keeps coming in and out of stock so keep an eye out for it! Im wearing a size small and it was perfectly comfortable for this growing belly- and I know i’ll still be able to wear it after !

#6 I’ve posted this Red Carter Cover Up before but it came out in a yellow and I HAD to have it- its beautiful and although its mean to be a cover up- I wear it as a dress on vacation!! I had to pin the sides a bit because it should too much of my bra FYI.

#7 These Bauble Bar Earrings are my latest accessory  obsession!! My ear lobes cannot handle the long statement earrings as much as I love them- and comfort is everything to me! I got these studs and wanted to wear them ALL the time- they’re the perfect size and just right amount of glam without looking TOO over the top.

#8 I bought this pleasted dress from ASOS dress a while ago for a bridal shower and I keep reaching for it everytime I need to get dressed up! It STRETCHES at the bust seam so its super comfortable and can accomodate your belly as it grows! Love the blush color- perfect for any season! I ordered a size 6.

#9 This Elan Cover Up – I actually used as a little jacket cover up on top of some of my fitted dresses and loved it because it just made me feel a little more comfortable!

#10 This Whistles Red Maxi Dress was so perfect for vacay- they have limited sizes but it pretty much is one size fits all and then you use the tassled belt to bring it in wherever you are most comfortable- this was the best part as a preggo! I was able to belt the dress at the perfect location on top of my belly! Additional sizes can be found HERE. I ordered a size UK6.

#11 Long Champ Sunglasses- I love these sunnies and they dont break the bank!! THey’re perfectly round and make me feel very “trendy”. Great for everyday!

#12 Artis Foundation brush– I know this is pricey but I cannot rave enough about it. I thought I would never ever let go of the beauty blender but this won me over. Ive bought a few foundation brushes but they all still left streaks and brush strokes on my face but this is so so perfect at foundation applications- it blends everything so smoothly and glides across my face!

#13 Not that you haven’t heard about Tarte Shape Tape concealer but I got lots of questions on my make up and this is my go TO! I put it on all under my eye and on top of my eyelids because thats where my skin is the darkest – and it does a great job of instantly brightening my skin! Cannot live without this!

#14 I call this Nars Radiant Longwear Foundation SECOND SKIN! It’s full coverage- fyi- so I really like to use it for those special occasions/events or when I want to look flawless in photos. Its surprisingly light weight even though it provides so much coverage! Its smooth- doesn’t crease and I’m just so so happy without it. I wear it in the color “Vanautu”

#15 Laura Mercier Glow Setting Powder in Translucent has been amazing! I know most people stick to the less shimmery translucent version to “bake” but I don’t “bake” my undereyes because I feel it makes my fine lines more pronounced- instead I take this setting powder and just brush it lightly over my face and just a teeny bit under my eyes to prevent my concealer from creasing.

#16 NARS blush in color “Dolce Vita”— is what Im using right now during the fall/winter months- I like to use a blush with a bit more warmth to it and this dusty rose toned blush is perfect- and a little goes a LONG way!

#17 Fenty Beauty Lip Paint in “Uncuffed” has been my favorite lip color lately! Not only is it long lasting- the color is beautiful on my skin tone and gives my lips that “pouty” look!