A few months ago, I was gifted the Britax One4Life carseat and it could not have come at a more perfect time for us. Shaan has always hated being strapped in and driven around in his car seat but at about the 8 month mark it started getting a lot worse. He was squirmier than ever and had that super human baby strength that made buckling him, a serious shit show.  After talking (aka complaining) to friends and family, I  learned his increasing fussiness in the car probably just meant he was ready for a big kid carseat- otherwise known as a convertible car seat. Unlike infant car seats, convertible car seats do not dually function as carriers but  remain stationary in the vehicle. Since Shaan was just a few lbs shy of reaching the weight limit in his infant carrier anyway, I  decided it was the perfect time to make the switch!

Needless to say, I was incredibly happy with our new Britax One4Life, and Shaan is finally PLEASANT in the car, hallelujah!! Maybe it’s more spacious and elevated so he’s a bit more comfortable, or because it’s so wonderfully cushioned? Whatever it is- I’m a huge fan of the Britax One4life for keeping my little guy safe and sound!

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What’s so special about the Britax One4Life?

  • Grows with your child for 10 years! From 5-120 lbs & up to 63” tall.
  • Safe Cell Impact Protection Technology
  • 5 Point Safety Harness
  • Easy to install “One Click” system
  • Removable cover & dishwasher safe cup holders
  • Clearly marked level indicators for proper install and recline

PRO TIP: Register your car seat with your manufacturer or sign up for alerts from NHTSA to stay in the know about any recalls or safety updatess.

Need tips on proper install?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is an excellent and reliable resource for information related to proper install and use of car seats. In addition, you should also refer to your car seats user guide along with your vehicle manual which can provide additional information on proper install of car seats.

Safekids.org also has information on local events, inspection centers, and educational workshops you can search by your state.

If you want hands on experts to take a look at your car seat you can search local companies who provide this service and check out @safeintheseat on IG for all sorts of tips!