Clear & Brilliant Laser at Aura Dermatology

Ok, so if you follow me on @thechutneylife you know about the Clear & Brilliant laser treatments I’ve been getting to help improve my skin tone and hyper pigmentation. I  had my first treatment in 2018 right before I  found out I was pregnant- and I  absolutely loved the results and couldn’t wait to make my next appointment! Turns out, Aura Dermatology recently opened up a brand new practice in Robbinsville, NJ and invited me to check out their new space (which looks incredible by the way). They offered me a complimentary clear & brilliant laser treatment and since I already had a couple of treatments elsewhere and loved my results, it was an easy YES! I’ve shared some FAQ’s below along with pictures from my treatment and post treatment! I’ll do a side by side before/after and update this post once I’ve completed my set of 4 treatments so check  back often 🙂

What exactly does the Clear & Brilliant Laser do? What kind of results can I expect from it?

Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser that refreshes your skin from the inside out. The laser energy creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in your skin, replacing damaged skin with healthy, younger looking tissue. In just a 20-30 minute treatment, you can expect softer skin, a more radiant glow, improved tone & texture, and a minimized appearance of pores among other benefits. Results are immediate after each treatment but progressively better after a series of treatments. Generally, 4 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks a part are recommended and then maintenance treatments every 6 months or so.  Aura Dermatology also stresses following a good skin care regimen post treatment as the skin is healing itself. You can also enhance results by following the laser treatment up with a microdermabrasion a week later to promote exfoliation and give your skin a polished glow!

Walk me through a treatment? Is there any discomfort and what’s the down time like?

The Clear & Brilliant laser is always performed by a licensed medical professional and you can trust you’re in good hands with Sapana Patel, DNP and Dr. Darshan Vaidya (click here to read their very impressive bios) ! They do a great job of assessing your skin and walking you through the entire process ! During the treatment you may experience some discomfort but patients have the option of using a topical anesthetic which works very well in numbing the skin. Once the anesthetic has had time to work, it then gets washed off and the treatment can begin. Usually, the laser is done in 4 passes over a given area until the entire face has been treated.  I felt more discomfort around sensitive areas on my face like my hair line, and around my mouth but it lasted just a matter of seconds so it was totally fine. If you’ve had laser hair removal- this is WAY more comfortable to give you some perspective.

Downtime from the treatment won’t prevent you from leaving your home and going about your normal routine but you will definitely experience some redness for about 4-6 hours after the procedure. At about the 24-48 hour mark you’ll start to notice very tiny specks on your face and you’ll be able to feel them as well but this is a good sign and means the laser is working its magic! Aura Dermatology will provide you with great instructions on how to care for your skin post treatment so you’ll be in great hands.

How safe is this treatment for brown skin? Can this cause any damage or worsen hyper pigmentation?

While post-inflammatory pigmentation can theoretically happen with any laser/peel/procedure, the likelihood of it is low. In fact, the Clear & Brilliant Permea handpiece used in the office is actually used to treat melasma very effectively by itself and also with concurrent hdyroquinone/vitamin C which is better absorbed through the now permeable skin. It is very important for patients to not be tanned before doing the laser and to use sunscreen (SPF 30+) diligently following the procedure.

This is about 2-3 hours post treatment. Skin looks a little flushed but otherwise normal!

You can use ice to keep your face cool or sit in front of a fan!

Here you can see the tiny specks that form on your skin at about 48 hours post treatment. These flake off on their own and will reveal healthier brighter skin! I like to schedule a microdermabrasion one week post laser to really help slough off these granules and give my skin that polished glow!

Want to schedule a treatment?

Be sure to mention “thechutneylife” and get a sweet 10% discount on your treatment! One Clear & Brilliant laser treatment ranges between $300-$400 depending on any add ons you select like a microdermabrasion (better pricing in a bundle). You can also save buy purchasing a package of laser treatments! Comment below if you have any questions 🙂