Father’s Day is just a few weeks from now and I’ve finally gotten around to sharing this round up of father’s day gift ideas for just about any kind of dad! Personally, I  love to gift experiences like tickets to concerts, sporting events or planning a little weekend staycation nearby but thanks to COVID, most of us have limited options. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to make Father’s Day special for our spouses, dads, siblings – whoever you are celebrating! I’ve compiled a list of some gift ideas for every kind of dad. Some of these are personal suggestions but many of them came from the hundreds of women who sent me a message over on @thechutneylife to share their faves! It’s a solid list, but if you have some favorites, feel free to drop them in the comments section here!

Special Note: This year, the daughter of George Floyd,  Gianna Floyd, will have her first Father’s Day without her daddy. It breaks my heart, so if you feel compelled,  visit the Go Fund Me Page for Gianna Floyd and see how you can help.

For the Dad’s Who Love to Cook:

Ooni Pro Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

Dad will always have a pizza your heart, right? Ok, I’ll stop. BUT, seriously the Ooni Pro Multi-Fuel will change up the family grilling days for the better. Not only does the Ooni Pro cook pizzas, but you can also cook meats and veggies using wood, charcoal, or gas as your fuel of choice. Our friends have one and I  highly recommend it!

Global 4-Piece Knife Set

I  share my love for Global knives often (mentioned here in my favorite kitchen items list) and for the dad who loves to cook and show off his knife skills this is so perfect! It rocks a razor-sharp acute edge, lightweight feel, and functional design.

Charbroil Grill

Personally, my husband and I  don’t grill but I  know a lot of dad’s who LOVE to and would be so psyched to have a brand new grill! My brother has this Charbroil grill and uses it nearly everyday!

Other great gifts for foodies:  Boo’s Chopping Block // Nespresso Machine // Philips Air Fryer // NYT Cooking Subscription // Master Class Subscription// One on One Baking Class with Hetal Vasaveda (Milk & Cardamom)


For Dad’s Who Love To Drink:


Winc Wine Club Membership

After completing a six-question taste quiz, Winc will select a bottle of wine to send to your dad each month. A great gift for someone who is a wine enthusiast or for one who simply wants to develop their wine palette! OH, and if your dad dislikes a specific wine, Winc will send him a different bottle with no questions asked.

Coravin Model Two Premium: Wine Preservation System

The Coravin wine system is the solution to spoiled wine. This device is an innovative product that allows you to pour wine without removing the cork. Therefore, dads will have the freedom to drink any amount of wine knowing the remainder of the bottle will remain fresh. Also check out the Coravin Model One on sale for $130 !

Ember Coffee Mug

This unique coffee mug allows you to control and view the temperature of your coffee right from your phone or smart watch. It’s stainless steel and is perfect for busy dad’s who need their caffeine to keep them going!

Sentimental & Personalized Gifts:


Hooray Heroes: Books for Father’s Day

It’s time to give the busy dads a break from their business reads with a book written by their favorite author: their child! Hooray Heroes allows you to create a personalized storybook showcasing the dad in your life. The best part is the assortment of stories that you can choose from to customize. How cute and unique?! I’ve already place an order- I  know my husband is going to LOVE it!

“The Original The Remix” Matching Baby and Daddy Tees

It’s the REEEEMIX. “The Original The Remix” coordinating t-shirts were highly recommended by all of you! And I get the hype, these shirts are hilarious and will put a smile on everyone’s faces. I  also love this t shirt set!

Also: These funny socks with your kids faces on them

Tech Gifts:


Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock

Is dad a techie and an Apple enthusiast? Then this charging dock is a nightstand MUST-HAVE. This wireless charging dock is a convenient way to charge up to three Apple devices all at once without the fuss of multiples wires. 

Secrid Slimwallet

The Secrid Slimwallet takes a sleek and modern approach to traditional billfold wallets that your dad will looove! In addition to having the ability to slide out all of your cards in one motion, the wallet has an aluminum card protector that prevents your card from being used by any unwanted wireless communication without your knowing it.

Ember Travel Mug

The Ember Travel Mug is the world’s first temperature control mug. Upon connecting the mug to the Ember app on your phone, you can control the temperature of your coffee for up to three hours! Can you believe there’s such thing as a smart mug?! 

Google Nest

Installing the Nest thermostat was TOP of the list for my husband and honestly, it’s made controlling the temperature in the house SO MUCH EASIER. Definitely will lead to less marital arguments, lol.

Grooming & Toiletry Kits:


Leatherology’s Framed Toiletry Bag

This sleek, leather toiletry bag will be dad’s favorite piece of traveling gear for years to come. Although it’s a bit on the pricier side, it’s a stylish product that scores 10/10 on sturdiness, packability, and quality. You can even customize the bag with dad’s initials for an added touch.

Birchbox Grooming Box Subscription

Whether you’re dealing with a loved one who needs to up his grooming game or one who’s already excelling in his upkeep, this Birchbox Subscription is the perfect present! These subscription boxes are sent out monthly and include five personalized, grooming samples. I’m talking everything from moisturizers to beard oil to hair balm.

Tooletries Toiletry Bag

Another toiletry bag, but this one is on the more affordable end. Tooletries products use a silicone technology that allows it to grip surfaces like mirrors, glass, or shower walls all while being waterproof. If you know your dad is more into the practicality and modern look of things, this hardworking toiletry bag is the way to go. 

For the dad who doesn’t “want anything”:


Bespoke Post Subscription Box

Bespoke Post describes their boxes the best: “Themed boxes for people who give a damn.” Dads will have so much fun opening these boxes! The boxes are to be personalized by the shopper, and range from boxes including swimming trunks + frisbee for a summer beach day to copper mugs + ginger syrup + ice mallet for happy hour Moscow Mules.

Escape Room Subscription Box

If you and your family are still quarantining (or if you’re not), this is an amazing Father’s Day, at-home, family activity. It saves you a trip to an Escape Room and allows you to work with your family and friends to solve fun mysteries. The boxes change every month to keep everyone engaged and excited — what a genius idea!

For Dad’s Who Are Into Self Care & Fitness:



Theragun is a wellness and therapy device that uses percussive massage therapy to treat muscle soreness and relieve pain. If you have a man in your life who struggles with body aches and muscle pain, this might be the solution he’s looking for. Plus, you might just win the best daughter/wifey/mommy award with this one.

Calm App

I  started using this when I was trying to conceive and needed some resources to deal with my anxiety and restlessness. I loved the night time stories, guided meditation, and peaceful soundtrack that comes with a paid version of this app. It’s something that would make a great gift to anyone who needs a reminder to slow down and take a little time for self care.

Foot & Leg Massager:

We got this for my parents a few years ago and they LOVE it. My dad has it set at the foot of his recliner and after a long day, he loves getting his legs into this and getting a quick little massage. Great for older dads, and grand dads! This self massager tool is also pretty awesome!

Other great ideas: Hydroflask // Sunrise Alarm Clock // Kiehls Skincare Set


Dad’s Who Like to Shop:


Suit Supply Ties & Pocket Squares

I  am in LOVE with their prints, fabrics and everything can be mixed and matched to create some stellar looks. Also check out their sports coats, suits, and shoes!

M. Gemi Dress Shoes & Loafers

My husband goes through SO MANY shoes and I    swear you’d think he’s running marathons during his work day. I    always gift him shoes because it’s one thing he doesn’t think about until the day he needs a nice clean pair. If you’re shopping for someone who values comfort (perhaps an older dad, my FIL loves these Rockport Boat Shoes for their comfort and style!

Other Faves: Bonobos Swim Trunks //  Lightweight Sweater Hoodie // This Sleek Back Pack ($50)  // These socks are on sale for just $8!   // Cozy House Slippers

Dad’s Who Love a Little Luxury:


There’s nothing wrong with a little designer surprise for your special guy! Here are some of my favorites I’ve gifted over the years or convinced my hubs to buy for himself:

Reversible Salvatore Ferragamo belt // Louis Vuitton Duffel // Gucci Slides // Tumi Carry On 


For the dad who doesn’t like “things”:


You might have to do some digging in your area but here are some great gifts that aren’t “things”. I  always tend to lean towards experiences, or services of some sort!

  1. Private golf lessons (check your local country clubs)
  2. Flying lessons (small local airports offer this and I know my husband would LOVE it)
  3. Personal Trainer/ Guided Mediation (If you’re social distancing, you could totally ask for virtual training)
  4. A monthly car washing/detailing service. Having someone who would come to the house and do it right on your driveway would be AMAZING.
  5.  Upgraded office space. Ok, this requires “things” but  If you’re husband is working from home with a makeshift space, this might be a great time to give it a face lift. Perhaps a new desk chair, plant, or a few writing pads and nice pens- anything to help keep things organized and make it a little more inviting.