I am so excited to share this outfit with you guys on my blog! Ive shared this on my IG stories but I realize it’s easier for me to share details and links in blog posts, so they don’t disappear and you can quickly refer to them.Unfortunately, a few days after sharing this on my social media and emailing the link to those who asked,  it was out of stock 🙁

However, I went through a lot of work to take these photos so I am still sharing this post! LOL! So, don’t hate me, but next time I will share the info right away so we don’t have this issue again. I have still provided the link to this outfit below so you can compare the online pictures to the pictures I’ve shared incase you were curious. I’ve also provided info about shopping from the website I used so you can purchase other outfits you like!

Also, if you did purchase this outfit, please DM on instagram or shoot me an email! Letting these retailers know that you’ve made purchases from my recommendations helps me build a relationship with them and other retailers which in turn allows me to bring you giveaways, and discounts (because who doesn’t want a discount?!!)

The details are all listed below but please comment if you have any specific questions! 🙂

Link to Outfit from Kalki Fashion : Maroon Gown 

Earrings: The Pink Bazaar 


This dress is cotton silk which means its extremely light weight but still gives great structure. It does not have a ton of movement or floppiness to it but for this particular style, I liked that. Also the pattern, color and embellishments combined together make this anarkali/gown look much heavier than it is! I love the quality lightweight fabric!

Here are some outfits in very similar material which are great options:

Mustard A-Line Suit

Peach Anarkali 

Navy Blue Suit


I am generally a size small. For this dress I selected my height which is 5’2″. I selected my bust size which is 34″. This dress hit the floor for me without heels so if you plan on wearing heels and want more length, add a few more inches when selecting your height.

This outfit was about an inch too big on my waist ( I like it to fit the smallest part of my was it the most fitted so it gives a nice silhouette). It did however fit my arms, shoulders, chest perfectly! Remember, its always safer to go one size UP and have to make minor adjustments, than for it to be too small.

Shipping & Returns:

I have had no problem in shipping, items always arrive in the time frame stated on the site and in good packaging/condition.

Although I have never returned anything from this shop, the policies state that they will accept exchanges/store credit and the customer is responsible for a $20.00 return shipping fee.