Yes, my procrastinating self FINALLY got around to sharing part TWO of my registry! If you haven’t already- please check out PART ONE of my Registry Must Haves!  I’ve linked all of the items below and shared a little bit about why I love them and how I use them! Many of these products are also found in My Amazon Shop Page!

Many of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a small commission when you make a purchase using those links- so basically- help a sista out lol! I’ll keep it real- the more I can show these brands that my followers (you lovely people) actually CARE about the products I’m posting- the more goodies, giveaways and discount codes I am able to bring you! I only share with you the products I really love- and trust me- after having a baby- I have ZERO intention of accumulating any extra shit or wasting money on something that’s just not worth it. Hope you are enjoying these posts !



  1. Baby Brezza Bottle Sterilizer – How often you sanitize your baby’s bottles is honestly up to you. It could be everyday, few times a week- whatever you and your pediatrician decide is best. Either way, I love using this few times a week to sanitize all of Shaan’s Dr. Brown’s bottles ! In 45 minutes it sanitizes AND dries bottles!
  2. Boon Drying Rack This is a cult favorite for a reason! It keeps bottles, nipples, brushes, medicine dispensers nice and tidy after you wash them. It also is super easy to clean! You can use two if you have the space!
  3. Dr. Brown’s Original Bottles – I was unable to breastfeed Shaan and because he had a tongue tie (latching issue) Dr. Brown’s original bottle/nipple combo was the only bottle he would take! I am a believer in sticking to what works- and these definitely worked for us!
  4. Homedics Noise Machine I’m so glad I didn’t spend an arm and a leg on fancier noise machines! This noise machine is under $20 and works so great in the nursery! It also can run on batteries (we discovered this when our power went out one night- can we say LIFESAVER?!) so its great to take a long in a car ride or while you’re traveling!
  5. Ollie Swaddle – You’ve seen me post about this on my instagram quite a few times because I love it SO much! I tried at least 5 other types of swaddles and seriously wish I had just bought this one sooner! Its pricier than most swaddles but I promise you its so worth it! The material gives such a great snug fit without extra wrapping and pulling! I purchased two so incase he spits up or wets one- we always have a back up quickly.
  6. Boppy Lounger We use this lounger all day everyday! We even bought a second one to keep at my in laws house! It’s great for when people are visiting and you don’t want a ton of people touching the baby. Now that Shaan is almost 3 months and has good neck control we also use it to feed him his bottle in.
  7. Infant Optics Monitor One of the reasons I love this monitor is because I was able to move it all around the house in the first weeks when Shaan was not napping or sleeping in a consistent area. Whether he was on the first floor, in a bedroom or in his nursery- I could easily move and angle this camera around!
  8. Burt’s Bees Burp Cloths– I seriously underestimated how many of these burp clothes I needed! They always end up all over the house and we use at least 3-4 a day! I especially love how SOFT they are since we’re rubbing Shaan’s face with them all day!
  9. Baby Bjorn Soft Bouncer I did NOT buy a ton of bouncers/rockers/swings but I am SO glad I bought this one. It is ergonomically designed to rock from the motion of the baby – so it does not plug in or have batteries. It’s a great stationary safe and comfortable place for you to place the baby! It’s especially great for when you need to keep the baby upright after feeds but need to run to the bathroom, make dinner or just shower! It’s something we use everyday!
  10. Burt’s Bees Wash Cloths– These wash cloths are the perfect size for little babies and they’re gentle enough to use every evening during bath time!
  11. Mati Mati Bibs– These bandana bibs are so well designed that it prevents milk from dribbling all the way down Shaan’s neck! They are extra padded so they can absorb a lot of extra liquid without getting the baby’s clothes wet! They come in adorable and bright colors/prints! Use code “THECHUTNEYLIFE20” for 20% off your purchase!
  12. Nuna Pipa Lite Lx One of my biggest requirements (aside from safety) was having a car seat that would be light weight ! This fits the bill perfectly-its the lightest on the market ! You can purchase adapters so it will fit over the Uppa Baby Vista Stroller that I mentioned in Part One of My Registry. Please note the  PIPA LITE LX- has the shade/sun screen and the PIPA LITE does not!
  13. Friday Baby Derma Frida I love this silicone brush for Shaan’s hair! He had cradle crap around the first 6 weeks and this was gentle enough that I could use it and not be scared!
  14. Diaper Caddy– I have two of these at my house and keep one at my parents house! It’s SO convenient because everything you need can just be neatly placed in one place! I keep one on his changing table in his nursery and one on my first floor so it can easily be moved around! Its also made of fabric- so its easy to wash!
  15. BabyMoov Love Nest Pillow We love having Shaan lay on the floor on blankets and reading to him or just letting him kick his little legs around. With all that time laying flat- I like to keep his head cushioned with this pillow! Easy to wash too!