It’s really hard to keep track of all the things I  love for my little one because we’re constantly trying new products, figuring out what works and doesn’t work and basically lots of trial and error. However, there are some items that we absolutely have come to love and so today I’m sharing them with you! The list is a little random but I  try to

  1. Love Bubbsi saved me when Shaan had cradle cap in the first couple of months! I used a little bit of the coconut balm on his scalp and let it sit for about 20 minutes before his bath and then used a wash cloth to gently scrub away of the dried skin! Soaps can be so harsh and unnecessary on newborn skin so I love that this bath balm leaves my baby’s skin super hydrated! I follow up with the whipped lotion and it smells SO good and is easy to go on! The packaging is also super squishy and can function as a playful toy ! Use code “CHUTNEY10” for a discount 🙂
  2. This stroller fan is a necessity during the hot summer months! It runs on batteries so it’s perfect to clip on the stroller if you’re out for a walk, on the beach, or just about anything you’re doing in these terribly hot and humid months! Hot babies are fussy babies and NO one wants that!
  3. Baby Gund Elephant: My baby LOVES this animated singing elephant! We love keeping it in the car when he gets fussy and we can’t hold him- this distracts him like a charm!
  4. I’ve mentioned these TEMPORARY BLACK OUT SHADES a few times and they have been life savers! Our window treatments for the baby’s nursery got placed on back order so I tried these out and they did a great job of making the room nice and dark for sleep! They go on and come off so easy – perfect if your traveling too!
  5. Uppa Baby Infant Insert– If you have the Uppa Baby Vista stroller– this infant insert makes the stroller a lot more comfortable for the baby!
  6. Magic Merlin Suit– When Shaan started to roll over we transitioned him out of our beloved Ollie swaddle and put him in the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit instead!  This thing can be VERY warm for babies so please make sure the room is cool and baby is dressed lightly. It helps them feel cozy, and keeps their startle reflex from waking them up. It is sized for ages 3 months and up.
  7. It is NEVER too early to teach your baby language so I love this Gujarati Memory Game that I use as flash cards and a great reminder for me to speak more Gujarati to the baby!
  8. Baby Einstein Bear Toy– I honestly have NO idea why my baby loves this thing so much but he smiles SO BIG every time I put it in front of him- its soo so adorable! Small enough to throw in the diaper bag so we never leave home without it! Maybe it will be your baby’s favorite too! 🙂