Since I’ve started sharing my favorite reads on IG stories, I was surprised, and of course excited, to see that so many of you were interested in my book recommendations!

As a teenager I read A LOT! I had a VERY serious obsession with Mary Higgins Clark’s books! I loved spending my time at Border’s Books or Barnes & Nobles and just cozying up with good books- it was the one hobby I never minded doing alone. I think I fell in love with books since I never was much into tv shows, reading was my constant source of entertainment and I could do it anywhere!

Lately I’ve been ditching the dark and mysterious reads so this month’s picks are stories about family, relationships and life in general. Hope you enjoy these books as much as I did! Happy reading 🙂

  1. The Glass Castle

  2. The Peach Keeper 

  3. Ordinary Grace

  4. A Man Called Ove

  5. First Comes Love

  6. The Life We Bury

  7. Beartown

  8. Same Beach, Next Year