Last year I  had a friend who attended almost 14 weddings. Yes, 14 (cue dramatic music)! She was invited to a few more (because, obviously) but decided that 14 was really all she could handle, so she sent in her rsvp’s, added the dates to her calendar, and then BAM- the anxiety of having to plan outfits for 14+ events started to set in. Let’s not forget that most desi weddings are a minimum  of three days long which meant her 14 outfits turned into 42 outfits real quick! How does someone like that get their hands on 42 unique outfits that they are excited about without having to repeat things from their closet?

Enter, Riya Collective, an online shop featuring the latest trends for women, men and kids that are all available to rent! They eliminate not only the costly expense of purchasing an outfit, but also the trouble of storing these huge lenghas and anarkalis in tiny closets (because is there such a thing as TOO much closet space?!).

The folks over at Riya Collective (two badass women founders- YAY!!) were kind enough to answer some frequently asked questions about their services so keep reading and be on your way to being a stress free & stylish wedding guest!

I  also had the chance to try on two pieces from their collection and absolutely loved this Navy Pant Saree from Sani Designs & Black Lengha from Harleen Kaur!

Oh and of course I snagged a discount code for you! Use code “chutneylife” for 10% off your order <3 

FAQ’s with Riya Collective

How do I make sure the dress will fit me? And what do I do if it doesn’t? 

We know that fit is ultimately the most important consideration when renting online. We have done hundreds of rentals to-date and have learned how to get this exactly right. For women, we ask for the bra size, waist size, and height to ensure fit. For men, we ask for the suit jacket size and height. With those sizes, we can guarantee that the dress will fit you. You can also see pictures of our customers wearing the dress on our website. 

We also provide many other measurements online (arm hole, blouse length etc.) so that you can check those out if you are concerned about a specific measurement. Or, you can work with us directly by emailing us so that we can help answer any questions you have on fit. 

This almost never happens but if by any chance the dress doesn’t end up fitting you, we do 100% refund. 

Walk me through the rental process. How does it work?

  • Browse our website and use the sizing guide as well as detailed measurements for each dress to pick the items you want

  • If you have any trouble, just send an email to and our personalized stylist will work with you to find the perfect outfit

  • Once you find the outfits you want, you can check out online for 4 days (for example receive the dress on Thursday by 9pm and put it back in the mail on Monday) or 5+ days for a slightly higher price

  • We will send you the dress along with a pre-paid shipping label so when you are done just stick the dress back in the box and the pre-paid label on the box and mail it back.

  • We take care of dry-cleaning the dress between uses

  • If you or one of your friends is having a wedding, let us know! We will provide a discount code for the wedding guests

Do you tailor the dresses?

No, we do not. We have a wide selection in every size so we can ensure you will find something you like in yours! 

What happens if the dress is damaged? 

If it is a small $5-$10 rip or hole, or something that will come out easily in dry cleaning we will take care of it. If it is larger than that, we will need to charge the customer with whom the issue occurred. 

Do you take inventory from people’s closets to rent out on your website?

We do! We accept designer items that are very lightly worn. Please see here for more information.

How many days in advance do I need to order?

You can order up to 5 business days before you need the dress and we can get it to you on time but of course the sooner you order the better because it is more likely the dress will be in stock. 

What’s the average price of each dress?/

Women’s Lehenga = $125, Men = $75, Kids = $50. 

Can I try the dress on before committing to it? 

If you live in the Bay Area you can come by our SF showroom! Just schedule an appointment on our website. Otherwise, if you are ordering far enough in advance you can have the dress sent to you for the price of shipping both ways (~$35) to try it on beforehand.