To be honest, 30 years go by realllllllyyyy fast. They go by even faster when you are busy becoming a woman. Your twenties are basically jam packed with first loves, heartbreaks, hangovers, job hunting, husband hunting (lol), metabolism changes (the worst) and the list goes on.  Aside from all this mess, whether we realize it or not…we are becoming the most powerful versions of our younger naive selves. Our twenties are also the years we make some of the most rewarding friendships, while walking away from some suffocating ones. Yet the lessons from all these good and bad scenarios are all the same aren’t they? Lessons of love, loyalty, and the simple fact that the people you surround yourself with should be your biggest cheerleaders.

The week I turned 30 I found myself seriously evaluating my life and all these thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy, healthy and have  family & friends that are supportive, loving and blah blah. Most of that stuff I had figured out by 30 but there was still so much that I felt was left to do! I felt kind of disappointed in myself to be real. Overwhelmed with all these “what have I done all these years?” thoughts, I decided to make a list. I opened up my email one night, started a draft addressed to myself and frantically began typing any and every thought that crossed my mind. This list was looooong, guys. I’m talking everything from basic stuff like “learn to swim” to “know at least 10 yoga poses.” Yeah Yeah, these things might sound trivial to some of you, but life gets busy and all these teeny little hopes and dreams are incredibly easy to forget about.

As I wrote that e-mail I realized one thing. Why the hell was I sad? Sure, I hadn’t learned to meditate or become an avid hiker but 30 is young AF and it’s the beginning of a decade that won’t be about emotional turmoil and drama but will be about bringing my life full circle. It’s cliche but the end is also the beginning! Since turning 30, I’ve started doing so many things on my list like take pilates classes to correct my terrible hunchback- of -notre-dame posture, hiked to the “almost top” of one of the most dangerous trails in the U.S., and of course I finally started the blog I always talked about.

I’ve literally been working on this blog for two years (procrastination is a biatch). Mostly I’ve been working on it in my mind (lol) but it made me so nervous to share my life, my stories, my photos with complete strangers. I never started it because I was actually so on edge of what people would think. What if everyone thought my food was gross? like who does this girl think she is? I realize now that thoughts like these do nothing but  bring you down.  If you want to be successful at anything, it has to start with YOU.  Even with my husband rooting me on, and friends and family in my corner…it wasn’t until I really found confidence in myself that I was able to start this blog. I had to remind myself that not EVERYONE will like what I do or who I am, but that’s ok. That’s life.

However, since I started this blog, I have connected with so many of you that otherwise I would have never met, and that has been the coolest thing. The likes, comments and words of encouragement have been so positive and have made me so optimistic! So thank you for taking out the time for all these tiny little gestures. This blog was always meant to be about lifting each other up.

ASIDE from all that emo-ness, the point of this post was to share some photos from the BANGER of a 30th birthday party my husband threw for me! (Thank You, Love!)

A beer garden theme, a food truck equipped with a wood fired pizza oven (YASSS!), sumo wrestling (funniest thing to watch drunk people sumo wrestle), fireball shots coming down an ice luge (thank you, Mihir!),  and a night under the stars with my awesome friends & family on one of the hottest freakin days of the year (sorry to all of you who attended).

Party Details:

Decor & RentalsRustic Drift

Catering: The Pizza Wagon

Photography: Amanda Iris

Cake: Van Earl’s Cakes

Make Up: Color Me Bisi