Tips for a Healthy Winter and New Year

This blog post is a paid partnership with the Florida Department of Citrus, but as always, all opinions are my own.

And just like that, the holiday season is over, and we are at the start of a new year. Despite a crazy 2020, I am going into 2021 with lots of optimistic energy, a new sense of gratification, and an ever-growing support system through you all! And for that, I am tremendously grateful. This year, I am focused on accomplishing goals that fit my unique journey with new intentions, habits, and outlooks.

However, there is just one thing that is in the way: a bleak Pennsylvania winter. Honestly, winter is my least favorite season. If you know me, you have heard me say a million times over that I was meant to be born and raised somewhere warm — I CANNOT stand the cold. I get a little stir crazy being cooped up inside during the short winter days. Thankfully, however, I have learned the importance of taking extra care of myself during this time of year. So, I wanted to create this post to share some tips you can implement into your lifestyle for a healthier winter season and new year!

Start Small

The start of a new season and a new year comes with its own set of challenges like the onset of seasonal mood changes and the desire to become your best self by day 2 of the new year. However, change is not easy; therefore, I encourage you to set realistic goals that you can achieve through the progression of small steps. For example, I have made it a goal of mine to spend more time outside and breathe in the fresh air. Yes, this is so hard to do when the temperature falls below 40 degrees here in Philly but getting outside of my house plays a huge role in my overall mood and wellness. I’ve also been reducing my intake of caffeine by replacing coffee with a glass of 100% orange juice. Florida Orange Juice is my fruit juice of choice because it provides many important nutrients my body needs to stay healthy throughout the whole year. An 8-ounce serving (for adults) of 100% orange juice is a good source of potassium, folate, and thiamin. I recently learned that thiamin, or vitamin B1, is an essential nutrient our bodies need to turn food into energy which makes it’s a vital player in energy metabolism. Great nutrient intake by simply drinking 100% OJ – goodbye coffee!


Move your Body

This past year has made it easy for most of us to stay indoors far more than we are used to because of working from home; the reduced outing for errands; and an overall sense of paranoia with public spaces that are not our homes. Therefore, our bodies have become accustomed to this lack of stimulation. Now, with winter in full effect, we might find ourselves to be even more sedentary than usual.

Incorporating exercise into your lifestyle is an essential booster for your mood and immunity throughout the winter season. Whether it is just a 15-minute brisk walk throughout my house or attempting to tackle the“12-3-30” workout on the treadmill, I have been making sure to incorporate movement into my days. I have realized I have far more energy on the days I make an effort to work out than days I cannot get around to it (or simply do not want to get around to it LOL). Recently, after my workouts, I have been reaching for a cold glass of Florida Orange Juice as a yummy and refreshing source of hydration alongside my intake of water. Florida OJ naturally contains several electrolytes including potassium and calcium (in fortified juices) and magnesium in smaller amounts, to aid fluid balance! Additionally, 8 ounces of 100% OJ is an excellent source of vitamin C and also has vitamin B6. I am sure most of you know that vitamin C is beneficial in supporting our complex immune systems, but did you know that vitamin B6 helps the body make antibodies to help fight disease and assists in converting food into energy…HELLOOOO HYDRATION AND METABOLISM! After finishing my glass of Florida OJ, I wrap up my morning wellness routine by taking my multivitamins and drinking a protein shake shortly after to maximize my energy for the day.

Stay Positive

Alright, I understand this is a lot easier said than done, but this year I am making an active effort to stay positive no matter what life throws at me. I have learned the importance of focusing on the good. Life gets the best of us, but there is so much to be grateful for every day, and I’ve been using this sense of gratitude as my source of motivation to be a better version of myself. Another thing I have learned to appreciate is spending time with positive people. Spending time with my family; engaging with you all via DM’s and comments; and, hopping onto FaceTime calls with my friends have kept me in high spirits. Again, these moments serve as a reminder of all the areas of positivity in my life. The other day while watching Shaan chug a cup of Florida OJ (and I mean CHUG), I found myself feeling nostalgic about my childhood. I grew up in a household that was always #TeamFloridaOJ, so my memories are filled with fights with my brother over the last sip and the nagging from my mom about the importance of the essential nutrients found in 100% OJ for our growing bodies and immune systems. After all, there’s a reason that Florida Orange Juice is deemed the Original Wellness Drink! So, I immediately called up my mom to reminisce, and we toasted to old memories and the passing down of my childhood rituals to Shaan. It is these small moments and casual calls with family and friends that help me maintain positivity within myself, and they are the moments I want to include more of within my life.

To note, the serving size of 100% orange juice for children aged 1-6 is 4-6 ounces.

I would love to hear what you all include in your winter and new year wellness routine. Happy New Year, everyone!

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