Let me know what you think of this recipe!

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I’ve been looking for a good shakshuka recipe- can’t wait to try this! I also wanted to say that I am so glad your blog doesn’t go on and on before you finally get to the recipe- great pictures of the food, too!


Thanks so much for the kind words! Im like you, I just want to get to the food LOL, hence not too much writing 🙂 Sometimes though, I feel like I need to explain things about the recipe or give some tips/tricks so I tend to go on a bit. Anyway, glad you are enjoying the blog and hope you get a chance to try the recipes !!

Do you use the ginger paste and garlic paste or chopped fresh?

Hey I always use fresh ginger and garlic in my recipes. I use a chopper to get it minced really fine! Or you can always use a grater and do it by hand 🙂

Can I make my eggs on stove and then bake it? I don’t like runny eggs at all

Hey Needhi! Just crack the eggs right in the gravy and put a lid over it on low heat. Cook it until the eggs are completely set and not runny at all. Hope this helps!

I made this dish and it was so yummy and easy to prepare.
Love love your blog!