Let me know what you think of this recipe!

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Hey, what can you use to substitute for the roasted tomatoes?

Okay thanks! I will try that this weekend.

can you use the tortilla instead of pasta sheets?

Hi Jayshree! Many mexican lasagnas are done with tortilla so yes you could definitely do this way! Have fun with it and try 🙂

Hi! This looks so good! Any recommendations for your favorite canned enchilada sauce?

Is that mozzarella on top of the lasagna rolls? It looks good when it’s melted and I guess it complements the lasagna part of this dish!

Hey Meera!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! 🙂 The cheese on the roll ups is actually white cheddar! I had so much leftover so I decided to use it on top for some browning (makes for better photos!). You could definitely use mozzarella on top of this though, great idea!

What kind of cheese do you use? And how much?

Hey, I updated the recipe with the amount of cheese, sorry! I use mexican blend cheese, about 2 packages which is 16 oz.

I see a picture of ancho chili pepper powder but don’t see it in your ingredient list – how much should I add? Thanks!

Hey! I didn’t add this in the ingredients, I was going to but as I tasted it, it wasn’t needed so I left it out 🙂