Let me know what you think of this recipe!

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OMG. this IS literally delicious. My friend makes a version of this too but hers is like a soup and it is such a hit! I especially love that you added different types of sauces, I can’t wait to make the tomato garlic chutney! Damn, I am so hungry now.

This recipe is such a fun one! Super delicious and if you make it exactly how she’s described it will be the favorite one at your party and among friends!

Wowww! So for that tomato chutney- you said 12 dry red chilies.. Isn’t that lot of spice just for 2 tomatoes?

Hey! So this is my take on a traditional garlic chili chutney used in chaat- which actually doesnt even have the tomato in it and has way more garlic and chilis lol! Its meant to be a spicy chutney used sparingly!! A little goes a long way- but yes the measurements are correct :)