Let me know what you think of this recipe!

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I made these yesterday and they came out really well. They are super easy too !! Do you think we can bake them instead of deep frying ?

The best falafels ever! Thanks to your mom for sharing and you for posting this recipe. It’s a family favorite ?

Hi Palak, I made these for New Year’s and everyone loved them! Thanks for sharing the recipe. One question, we had a lot of leftover batter. I see that you don’t recommend pre-making the batter so wanted to know your thoughts on if you have too much – would the taste/consistency change if we saved the batter and fried them up another day or would you recommend making the falafel all at once and reheat in oven when ready to eat?

Hey! The salt in the batter may make it more liquidy the longer it sits, and your falafels might be darker in color once the batter is in the fridge. Ideally, if you want to refrigerate or freeze the batter, its best to do it right after you place the lentils in the food processor and before any garlic, salt, or chilis are added! You can def try frying up a few the next day or two and see how it goes! You may not even notice a difference- it just depends. I wrote same day for optimal taste!

Thank you! I actually ended up air frying them 2 days later and still thought they tasted great. But will try your above suggestion the next time I make these. Thanks again!

It’s an amazing receipe. Everyone in my family loved it including the Masoor daal balls. The only variation I did was to apply hummus on one side of pita and white sauce on other side.

I made the falafels with one slight change (added mint and corriander leaves). Alone they tasted a little salt but they were perfect when had the falafels with pita bread and the veggies. Loved this recipe!

Do you think it would make a huge difference if I used split masoor daal instead of whole?

Hi! For the red chutney do you soak the chili’s on the stove in hot water for 3 hours? Or take hot water, soak them for 3 hours and the water will cool down / come to room temp? Silly question but want to be sure!