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Can you use tomatoes instead of tomato sauce?

Quarantine season is a prefect time to make this!

I really appreciated the step by step
Process, and loved how this recipe turned out! It was very authentic.

Thank you!

Hii, I was wondering if adding sugar to it is necessary and does it make the dish sweet?

I have made this recipe twice (first time didnt come out well but I blame the tandoori masala). I made it using the Swad one the 2nd time and the recipe was delicious! The only changes I made were to not add butter/heavy cream and to use fresh tomatoes which I blended into a sauce. It turned out delicious!

Is there a particular brand of paneer you recommend? I find there is so much difference between brands. Thanks and I love all of your recipes!!! Butter chicken meatballs and spaghetti is a family fave!

This looks and sounds delicious! What alterations to the method would you suggest if we wanted to use chicken instead of paneer? I assume the same marinade but would you cook it differently?

Hi! Yes, use the same marinade, bake the chicken at 400 degrees for about 25-30 minutes (turning the pan once) and flipping the chicken breasts as well. then just cut it up and add it to the gravy just at the same time I indicated to add the paneer!