Green Garlic Bread




Yield 6 Servings


1 cup scallions, chopped

1 cup cilantro, chopped

1 jalapeƱo, chopped

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

4 cloves garlic

3 tbsp Butter, softened to room temperature

1 Loaf italian Bread

Optional: Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Salt & Pepper


  1. In a chopper or food processor combine the jalapeƱos, scallions, cilantro, garlic, salt, and pepper until well combined but still a little coarse). Remove mixture into a bowl and combine with olive oil.
  2. Add the blended mixture to the softened butter.
  3. Cut the loaf of bread evenly lengthwise and spread the herb butter generously on to both sides.
  4. Place in oven on Low Broil for 5-6 minutes until edges are crispy
  5. Serve hot and fresh!

Recipe by The Chutney Life at