Instant Pot Lasagna Soup




Yield 4-6 Servings



  1. Set your IP to saute mode and add two tablespoons of oil. Once the oil is hot, add the serrano chilis and oregano and let splutter for a few moments. Add the onions and peppers and continue to cook for 3-4 minutes. Add garlic- stirring continuously so the garlic does not brown.
  2. Once the onions and peppers have softened a bit- add in the rao's sauce, spinach, vegetable broth, 1 cup water, bay leaf, scallions, cilantro, and parsley. Stir well for a few minutes until all the ingredients are incorporated. Add in the pasta.
  3. Hit cancel on the IP and switch it to Pressure Cook on High Mode- for 3 minutes (If you use a different pasta than I did- just cut the cooking time on the box in half for the pressure cook time- my box said 6 minutes to al dente- so I cooked the pasta for 3 minutes).
  4. After 3 minutes- do a manual release (use a towel to protect your hands). Once the silver pin drops- open the IP.
  5. The consistency should be soupy- if it is too thick- add water in one cup increments until you reach the desired consistency. If your pasta is undercooked- just set it on saute mode and let it simmer until the pasta cooks.
  6. Add in the parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta. Add more or less cheese as you like- add salt per your taste ( I did not add any salt in my recipe).

Recipe by The Chutney Life at