Spicy Mac & Cheese




Yield 6 Servings



-Purchase 32 oz. container of half & half so you can have additional on hand as needed.

-Subsitute thai green chilis if you like a lot of spice or use deseeded jalapeños if you like less spice.

-Do not forget the salt- even with all the cheese- you will need salt!


  1. Heat a large pot over medium high heat and add oil. Once oil is hot, add the serrano chilis and let them splutter for a few minutes.
  2. Add the onions, and bell peppers and saute until soft (about 5-6 minutes). Turn the heat to medium-low and add the minced garlic, and let cook slowly so garlic doesn't brown or burn) and continue to cook for 4-5 minutes. 
  3. Once the garlic is fragrant- add the pav bhaji masala, chili powder, garam masala, salt, cumin powder and stir continuously. Add butter, flour while continuously stirring. The mixture will become very clumpy but keep stirring until you get a nutty aroma and flour looks slightly golden.
  4. Slowly stir in the liquid (milk & half and half) in small amounts - stirring well after each addition (heat should be set so there is a simmer- but not a a boil).
  5. Once all of the liquid has been added, add the boiled macaroni, and stir well.Add all of the different cheeses and stir well over low heat. Add in the noodles and  adjust half and half or milk as needed since noodles will soak up some liquid as they cook. Continue to stir over low heat until macaroni noodles become plump and fully coooked. Stir in siracha and cilantro. SERVE HOT!

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