Grilled Chicken with Chimichurri




Yield 2 Servings




1 lb. chicken (2 chicken breasts)

1 tsp Uncle T's The Good Stuff Seasoning

1 tsp Uncle T's Seasoned Traveler Seasoning

3 tbsp balsamic vinegar

2 tbsp olive oil

salt to taste


For the Chimichurri:

  1. In a food processor or mini chopper, combine the cilantro, parsley, garlic, mint and jalapeno. Pulse until all the ingredients are finely chopped. You do not want to blend it into a paste.
  2. Empty the contents of the food processor into a large bowl and add the olive oil, red wine vinegar, scallions, salt & chili flakes. Taste- and add any additional salt, vinegar or herbs per your liking. Set Aside. DO not refrigerate.

For the Chicken:

  1. Place the chicken breast into a ziploc bag or cover with plastic wrap and using a meat tenderizer/mallet pound the chicken until it is even in thickness.
  2. Remove the chicken breasts and place into a shallow dish. Sprinkle both sides of the breast evenly with the uncle t's seasoning, salt, and balsamic vinegar. (Option to marinate or make immediately).
  3. Heat a skillet like this Calphalon Grill Pan over medium high heat. Once it is hot, use tongs to place both chicken breasts in the pan and let cook for about 2-3 minutes until the chicken has grill marks/char.
  4. Flip the chicken breasts and let the other side char for about 2-3 minutes. Once both sides are charred, use a dome like this Cuisinart Melting Dome  or simply place a lid over the pan for 3-4 minutest.
  5. Uncover, cook for an additional 2-3 minutes. You can slice one chicken breast to ensure it is completely cooked.
  6. Remove the chicken from the pan, place on a cutting board and let it sit for a few minutes. Slice the chicken into strips or serve whole with chimichurri generously drizzled on top. 
  7. Optional: place any veggies like asparagus and cherry tomatoes (add salt) in the same pan as the chicken and cook for a few minutes until it is slightly browned. Serve as a quick side.

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