Can’t believe it’s taken me all of January to share something “healthy” with you guys but I know many of you are trying to make better decisions when it comes to meal time so today I present to you these Salad & Grain Bowls with Spicy Cashew Dressing! The great thing about these bowls is that you can switch up the greens you use, the grains you use and play around with the roasted and raw veggies to find a balance of flavors you truly enjoy. It also means you won’t get bored of constantly eating the same thing! I  love ideas for quick meals that are plant based and nutrient dense.

These bowls have essentially four parts 4 to them :

  1. Grains = I used farro but you can subsitute this with quinoa, lentils, wheat berry, brown rice etc.
  2. Greens = I used a combo of bowl & basket (from Shoprite) Chopped Sesame Asian Salad Kit & Spring Mix
  3. Vegetables = I used roasted red peppers and sweet potatoes but you can use any combination of raw and or roasted vegetables!
  4. Dressing = I always prefer a homemade dressing thats high in good fats and full of flavor!

Bowl & Basket is a new line from Shoprite that revolve around making quality ingredients more accessible to consumers. They are affordable, versatile and have made it so much easier for me to get in a healthy lunch during my busiest days.

These bowls are great for those of you who need ideas for vegetarian recipes but need something that’s going to be satisfying and filling. The spicy cashew dressing is a great option for a healthy homemade dressing that’s still incredibly delicious ! I Hope you guys enjoy this recipe as much as I do and cannot wait to see what variations you tag me in on @thechutneylife! As always, Happy Eating!

Salad & Grain Bowl with Spicy Cashew Dressing




Yield 4 Servings


1 Package Bowl & Basket Chopped Asian Salad Kit

1 cup Farro, cooked according to package directions

1 Package Bowl & Basket Spring Mix

1 Sweet Potato, diced

1 Red Bell pepper, Diced

2 tbsp Bowl & Basket Avocado Oil

½ tsp curry powder

½ tsp garlic powder

Salt & pepper

Optional Add ins: Shredded carrots, chopped cucumbers, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped broccoli, chopped green beans

Spicy Cashew Dressing:

1/3 cup cashew butter

2 tbsp. Bowl & Basket Avocado Oil

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar or rice wine vinegar

1 tsp toasted sesame oil

2 tsp crushed red chili flakes

4-5 tbsp. water

1 lime, juiced

3 cloves garlic, grated on a microplane or fine grater

1 tsp chili garlic sauce like Sambal Olek or Sriracha

¼ cup cilantro roughly chopped

4-5 tbsp water


1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Toss the sweet potatoes and bell peppers with Bowl & Basket Avocado Oil, curry powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Lay on a baking sheet and place in the middle rack of the oven to roast for about 20-25 minutes until potatoes are fork tender. Remove from heat.

2. While the vegetables roast, make the dressing. Combine all of the ingredients except the cilantro and water in a food processor or blender until smooth. Add water 1 tbsp. at a time, mixing after each addition until you achieve the a creamy consistency that is easy to stir and pour. Finally, add the cilantro and pulse or blend just so the cilantro is mixed well. Remove and set aside.

3. Make a bowl by combing 1/3 cup of the cooked farro, with 1 cup of the Bowl & Basket Chopped Asian Salad, (include the sliced almonds and wonton strips) and 1 cup of Bowl & Basket Spring Mix. Toss with additional veggies of your choice.

4. Add a few tbsp. of the spicy cashew dressing into the bowl, stir well, and enjoy! Make additional bowls as needed.