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This is not a sabudana khichadi recipe. Nobody puts curry leaves and such ridiculous things in it.

do you have the internet? Here’s a recipe from the very famous Tarla Dalal. Spoiler alert- there are curry leaves her recipe too. Also you know what’s more ridiculous than variations in family recipes? TROLLS.

Hi! When do you add the turmeric? After the potatoes are done cooking or add it with the potatoes?

Do you have the turmeric with the chili powder?

what can you substitute for the curry leaves? i don’t have an indian store near me.

I use microwave way to make this yummy khichadi. Every pearl of sabudana is cooked and does not stick and is done in 4 mins if the tadka with potatoes peanuts and other stuff is already done in advance.

Hi! At what point do you add the turmeric powder and what if one doesn’t have curry leaves? Can I omit them or replace them with something else? Thanks!

Mine gets too sticky,,like really lumpy.. any suggestions to avoid that