Let me know what you think of this recipe!

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This recipe is so delicious. I was nervous about making it because my eggplant never turns out well. This recipe however, will not disappoint. I’m giving it 5 stars for the flavor, however never time I make this, I would use 2 to 3 pounds of eggplant. The recipe called for 1 pound, which was only 1 eggplant (it really wasn’t enough). Also, depending on the amount of eggplant you use, you may have leftover tomato sauce and ricotta.

Overall, amazing recipe. Thank you so much for the recipe. You’re so talented!

I’ve made this four times so far and I LOVE it!!

Hey Palak,

Tried this today it came out awesome. I have some of the Ricotta mixture left over can I use it in something else.
Thanks for the recipe inspiration! It was yummy and a hit in my household!

First off delicious!! However I found that some of the ingredients to be coming up short. I definitely needed 3x the garlic oil mixture. I was only able to LIGHTLY coat HALF the eggplants on ONE side.

Hey! Thank’s so much for the feedback, I’ll take another look at the measurements and make sure its accurate! 🙂

Hi Palak,
I’ve made this Eggplant Parm 3 times now and I can’t stop making it! It is so flavorful and I love the addition of the jalapenos on top. When I saw the recipe and noticed RAO’S HOMEMADE (My favorite sauce brand), I knew this was going to be the best Eggplant Parm I’ll ever taste! 🙂

hey Damini! Thank You so much! This eggplant parm is one of my FAVORITES! Its so great to make for a large crowd and soak up that delicious Rao’s sauce with some garlic bread!! Im so happy you loved it as much as I do!

Hi Palak,

Just made this last night, in the words of my British husband, “Babe, this is bloody delicious” LOL It was awesome, I added some ground black pepper and cilantro to the ricotta as well – so yummy!

Thank you for the amazing recipes – I havent been disappointed by any of them!

Hi Palak! I made Eggplant Parm for dinner tonight and it was the best Eggplant I’ve ever tasted. I’m never ordering again at the restaurant. Thank you so much!
I have tried many of your recipes and so far none has disappointed me ?. You’re doing great with all the recipes!

Miky, what a compliment!!!You’ve inspired me to make this today for dinner! 🙂 Thank you for the support <3

Hi! This looks delicious! I enjoy eggplant parm but am always missing a certain depth of flavor, which I’m pretty sure this will fulfill. Will definitively be making this soon. Quick question – what did you serve this with…bread, pasta, or just by itself?

Hi Sabeen! I so feel you on eggplant parmigiana lacking flavor! I order it all the time at restaurants and I am always disappointed ! To answer your question, I didn’t serve this with anything because it is very filling and hearty, it doesn’t need a side! However if you want to make it a more complete meal, you could always start with a salad as a small first course or serve the eggplant with some garlic bread- I def would not suggest pasta- it would be too heavy in my opinion. Thanks for stopping by the blog, hope you enjoy this dish as much as I did! I ate the leftovers for days!! lol