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Hi Palak,
Can you substitute the sliced white singles, with sliced yellow singles if that is what you have?

I just made your spicy Mac and cheese, queso and scallion cilantro hummus for Super Bowl. It’s a total chutney life Super Bowl party in my house

Can you make this on the stove & then transfer to a crockpot? Need something to take to a Christmas party but not sure if this will thicken if not served right away.
What’s another option to the Amul cheese? Any processed slice white cheese from the grocery store?

Hey Shital! Yes, you can make this on the stove and then transfer it to a corkcpot. It will thicken just a little once it is cooled, but soon as you re heat it- it will become craeamy. When I can’t find sliced Amul cheese, I use sliced Velveeta QUeso Blanco or Kraft sliced white cheese. Any brand of sliced processed cheese would work!