Let me know what you think of this recipe!

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Looks yummy! How can you make a vegetarian version? Substitute the chicken with tofu or paneer?

hey Dhvani! Yes, you can cube the paneer and marinate the same way the chicken gets marinaded and then bake it or saute it just like following the chicken recipe!

This looks delicious…I’m definitely going to have to put this on the menu for dinner this week for my husband and I! Is the “thetcha garlic chutney” something that comes pre-made or something you have to make?

Hey Rachel, not sure what happened but there used to be a photo of the thecha chutney in my blog post and it has now mysteriously disappeared! Its a small red packet that can be found at any South Asian or Indian grocery store. The brand is Prakash and it sells for 99 cents. A lot of Indian people have a garlic chili paste they make at home and keep but this store bought version is delicious and even better than homemade I think. I throw a little bit of it in so many dishes- you will love it!