Let me know what you think of this recipe!

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Not going to lie. Followed this recipe to the dot and the guests LOVED it! Will be making these again!

Can I fry chicken instead of baking it? Will it change the taste bcoz of yogurt?

Hey Palak,
I tried these and when I cooked them it got watery for some reason so had to end up broiling them in the oven.
How do i avoid getting the water to seperate while cooking covered?
None the less they turned out great!

Hi Palak, Do you know if these could be dropped in the airfryer? If yes, then how long and at what setting?

I’m a first time wing maker, do we take the skins off the meat or leave the skin on the wings (sorry if this is a dumb Q!)

These look amazing! Do you use red food coloring just for a visual appeal? They look so nice and red, I’ve tried to just use the chilli powder for color but can’t get them that tandoori red color. Hope you can help, love the site!

made these yesterday, they were so so good! thanks

Hi Palak!
The recipe looks amazing. Have you ever tried greek yogurt instead of whole milk yogurt?

Thanks so much!

Would it be okay if the wings sat in the marinade overnight?

This recipe was amazing!! My husband and I devoured it ? Looking forward to trying your other recipes. Thank you for taking the time to create this blog!