Today, Pinank & I celebrate FIVE years of marriage!

I get asked ALL the time to share our “story” of how we met but it was a quite simple and short one. Pinank and I have grown up in the same area for most of our lives and had many of the same friend groups growing up but our paths didn’t cross until much later in life. He was friends with my younger brother (Pinank is a year younger than me-#cougarstatus) went to highschool with a lot of my cousins, but until he came back home from college (Ohio State) we didn’t actually get introduced to each other. A bunch of us were hanging out at a local bar one summer night and Pinank- the gentleman that he is- simply came up to me and introduced himself. We shook hands, made small talk and started to see a lot more of each other the rest of that summer. After some chatting on facebook (that was a thing back then) we exchanged numbers and he asked me out on our very first date! If you ask him to tell this story he will tell you that I chased HIM all summer- and I’ll admit there might be a teeny tiny bit of truth in that- but I like to think we chased each other.

I was almost 2 hours late (not much as changed)for our first date and as they say- the rest is history! We were engaged the next year and married just 8 months after our engagement! I knew as soon as I met him he was the one. If you know Pinank, you know he’s a simple, easy going guy. He’s kind, respectful and is so so much more patient than I am. We’ve grown in so many ways since we got married and it’s been an incredible journey to share with him! To my hubs- if you’re reading this – love you long time!

Since it’s a milestone anniversary, albeit a small one,  I thought it was the perfect time to share pictures from our wedding! It was a 5 day event with over 800 people so you can imagine there are a TON of photos to share and this post would be way too long if I even tried- so this is just the wedding & reception!

Hope you have fun scrolling through and re-living some of the best memories of our lives with us !