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Hey Palak! How many ounces of noodles are you using? I’m making this recipe with a pack of lo mein noodles that’s 14 oz. I looked up the Ching’s noodle package and it says that it’s 21 oz. but I’m not sure if you’re using that same size package or if Ching’s noodles come in different size packs.

Hey shouldn’t we add salt while we add all the veggies. It is not mentioned anywhere in the recipe. I added a little bit doubting whether it would be too salty.
Its an amazing recipe and will let you know how it turns out ?

Hi. I don’t normally get those noodles. Can you please tell me how many ounces dried noodles are there in a pack?

hi! do you use low sodium soy sauce or just regular?

Have you thought of adding small pieces of paneer or tofu to the noodles? Also, love you recipes!?

Hi! I want to incorporate a protein-grilled chicken perhaps? Any suggestions on how to do that with a good marinade? Or shrimp ?

Hey I think Shrimp would be perfect in this recipe! I’d marinate the garlic in some fresh ginger, garlic and a touch of soy sauce, cook them and then add them on top of the noodles!

Hey! These noodles look great! What kind of vinegar did you use and how much?

I can’t believe I forgot the vinegar in the ingredients! Thanks for catching that ( I updated it). I used 1tsp of rice wine vinegar in the recipe. You could use regular vinegar as well. Thanks for stopping by the blog 🙂

Hey Kavita,
I buy them from my local Indian grocery store! I believe you could find them online as well!

Are the noodles the one that comes in the white package with the little spice packet? If so, do you use the spice mix that comes with the noodles?

Hi Urvi! The Ching’s Noodles I use do not come with any spice packet. They are definitely in a white packaging with black lettering but its just the noodles! Hope that helps, let me know if you still need help figuring out which ones they are!