Let me know what you think of this recipe!

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Enjoyed this dish and will definitely be making it again! ?

Hello! Congratulations Palak on your handsome baby boy. I’ve made these stuffed shells a few times now without fail. I change up the vegetables depending on what I need to use up and it turns out perfect every time. This is one of our favorite fusion dishes in the Patel household thanks to you Palak!

How many days in advance can you make the sauce/mix? I plan to assemble and bake the day I’m serving it, but would love to prep most of it in advance if possible.

Hey the sauce will be fine two days ahead- same as the filling ! THen like you said, just assemble the day of!

Hi! This looks so delish.. will be making it for thanksgiving this year! if I am cooking for 10-12 people how would I adjust the recipe? Let me know. Thanks! and congrats on the baby!

This is a great recipe!
Can we replace the chicken broth? Can it be water or has to be veggie broth? Also if I want to do it with paneer, do you have any suggestions?

Hey Priya!

You can definitely use water, however the vegetable broth just adds another layer of flavor. You can add shredded paneer into the mix of the vegetables when sautéing! Many people have added paneer this way 🙂

Sooooo good! Made this for my entire family and everyone devoured it – lots of flavour!

Hi there, this looks good!
Can we do without the Star anise and 1 black cardamom .. is it a must.. would this significantly change the taste ??

Do the shells need to be cooked before going in the oven?

This was amazing! I hated stuffed shells growing up and this is the total opposite reaction I had while eating this today. Thank you for posting and creating this delicious recipe!

I don’t have tandoori Masala, what would you use as an alternate?

Hey, there isn’t really a substitute for that, it imparts a lot of flavor and color so definitely try it once you get some tandoori masala!