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Great list! Wanted to share some suggestions – I had a baby a year ago so it’s all very fresh in my mind. Depending on where you deliver, you really don’t need to take formula to the hospital. They should provide everything. If you’ve done a tour of the hospital, you can ask them if they don’t. My hospital gave us boxes of pre-mixed formula to take home. I would *kind* of disagree that nipple confusion isn’t a thing. Milk definitely takes a while to come but it’s important to do all the initial skin to skin and the suckling to help milk come and create a good latch. We used a small syringe to give my daughter formula because my milk took 3 days to come. This worked for us because they drink so little in the beginning. I also don’t think you need to carry your pump to the hospital – your hospital should provide a hospital-grade one which is much stronger. I couldn’t agree more with taking stuff home from the hospital – the mesh underwear is nothing but god-sent. One additional recommendation I didn’t see here is a good quality lip balm. Your lips get really dry! Pack nursing friendly clothes, particularly nursing tanks or loose clothes so you can do skin-to-skin. If you have a nursing pillow – I recommend the brestfriend for the back support – take it there because it’s so tough to learn a good hold for the baby in the initial stages. I ended up having a C-section so I still have stashes of witch hazel wipes sitting around so I guess my advice would be to amazon prime all that stuff after baby comes! My hospital provided excellent care and I honestly needed for nothing saving personal items. Good luck on this last stretch!

Bring snacks too, those night team feedings make you super hungry and a lot of hospitals kitchens close by a certain time. I also brought small gifts like a small candle for the nurses, they really are super helpful and provide you with your sanity the first few days and they really appreciate the gesture too!