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Absolutely delicious! We have a craving for curry noodles and this recipe did not disappoint. We left out the fish sauce, and substituted the curry paste with seasonings. *chefs kiss!*

Hey! What do you suggest is a good substitute for the coconut milk? I am just concerned about allergies

thank you =]

Hey! not sure what allergies you are concerned with but maybe oat milk would be a good substitute?


How much is half box of spaghetti in grams..

Hey Palak

Can you please mention the measurement for Spaghetti, like grams or Oz. because I am using a different brand.

Loved this one! I used Thai noodles instead of spaghetti though. Curry wins the game today 🙂
Please share more delicious and scrumptious recipes to survive this quarantine 😉
Be safe:)

Hey. How do you get your sauce to be as thick as the photo shows? Mine is like a restaurant style curry – soupy. Also did you add sesame seeds? Photo looked like it but the ingredients didn’t show.

Different brands of coconut milk can be thinner or thicker- this could be the difference. Also did you let the sauce simmer enough? Letting it simmer will eventually make it thicker

At which step do you add the pasta? Or do you just pour your sauce over the pasta at the end? Thanks!

Hey! You add it right before you turn off the heat to just let it incorporate and cook a little in the sauce. Ive updated the recipe to reflect this 🙂

Is there a vegetarian substitute you recommend for the fish sauce?

Can’t wait to try It! Ofcourse minus the fish sause:)